Cathode Development

Envia has engineered high energy compositions (Ni, Co, Mn and Li2MnO3) with innovative particle morphologies (particle size, shape, distribution, tap density & porosity) and specialized dopants and nanocoatings resulting in major improvements to capacity, rate, cycle life & safety. Envia has developed two primary cathode compositions: HCMR and CRC. The graph below describes the benefits of Envia's cathode material.

web site charts2.001.jpg

Anode Development

Envia has developed proprietary silicon-based formulations that incorporate robust binders and tailored conductive additives. In comparison to other silicon-based anodes, Envia's offer higher specific capacity, longer cycle life, and lower cost. Envia's anodes are unique in their high loading level and high active silicon content. 


Intellectual property

Cathode and anode intellectual property are the cornerstones to Envia's patent portfolio. In addition to cathode and anode technology, Envia has substantial intellectual property in cell design and electrolytes. Envia currently has 23 granted patents and over 20 patent applications.